Services & Fees

Services & Fees



 NEW outpatient appointment  £150
 FOLLOW-UP oupatient appointment  £100
 Flexible nasendoscopy  £100
 Microsuction clearance (no additional charge if part of  existing appointment) 
 Alternatively, fixed price all inclusive package incl.  hospital charges at Nuffield Hospital

 Puretone audiometry  £65

Initial and pre-operative consultations for cosmetic surgery including rhinoplasty and pinnaplasty are usually FREE

Fully inclusive package prices available for rhinoplasty at the Nuffield Hospital
Total price (to include all aftercare) vary according to complexity and surgical details but as a guide start from around £4500

Please contact me for fees for other procedures or a personalised quotation

Please note that micosuction clearance as above is the safest, most efficient and painless way to remove ear wax. This has superceded syringing of the ears completely in the UK and is not supported in recent NICE Guidance.