Your surgeon / testimonials

Your surgeon / testimonials


Having trained in medicine at University College London and  worked at five different London teaching hospitals, I gained both general and specialist accreditation with the GMC and fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons in both Edinburgh and London for both ENT and general surgery. I am the lead clinician for rhinology at James Cook University Hospital and also attend North Tees and East Cleveland Hospitals for my NHS practice as well as the Friarage Hospital Northallerton.


I have a special interest in functional nasal and sinus disease and offer balloon sinuplasty and cosmetic nasal and facial plastic surgery. I offer a comprehensive service for all Ear, Nose and Throat conditions and in addition treat patients with voice problems, neck lumps, snoring, thyroid disease. I also offer surgery for excessively watery eyes (DCR surgery) and thyroid eye disease / proptosis. Both are performed entirely through the nose with no external scars.

I am based in North Yorkshire and live there with my wife and two children.

Having a keen interest in research in ENT , I have published widely including international peer-reviewed journals. I ran the National Prospective Tonsillectomy Audit - the largest study of its kind, and worked as a research fellow at the Royal College of Surgeons of England culminating in the award of MD and over 30 peer reviewed publications in prestigious journals including the BMJ, Lancet and Otolaryngology , Head and Neck Surgery. I currently sit on a sub-committee of ENT-UK (British Association of Otolaryngologists - Head and Neck Surgeons) and have taken up a national role as ENT-UK Survey Guardian.


"I suffered from severe sinus problems for 10 years before looking at NHS treatments. The time frames involved led me to search for a private consultant and that's when I found Mr Lowe. I was particularly interested in balloon sinuplasty as I'd read an article about it. David carried out a hybrid procedure to remove polyps, clear out sinuses, and gently re-shape the airways to allow for better drainage in the future. The results have been spectacular and whilst I still occasionally have headaches I can now breathe out of my nose for the first time in over 5 years. I will not hesitate to get this done again if I need to, and David would always be my first choice surgeon

Mr C. (Newcastle)

I would compare it to gradually loosing sight, then trying-on a pair of glasses for the first time!!  Really, the results are simply amazing.
It has been 4 weeks since my very successful Ballon Sinuplastyoperation with Dr David Lowe and these are my results so far:
Note:  I had the operation on the Monday evening, then I had to get ona plane and fly to France on the Wednesday (in same week).  The flight went fine.

I am 31yrs old and I have been suffering with sinus problems for years (didn't realise how bad it was until after the operation), with increasingly frequent infections causing lots of discomfort - even embarrassment.  More recently I was getting sinus pain when flying -
particularly when the plane started to descend. Normally I had very poor taste and smell, and took ibroprufen regularly for the facial pain.

I had a bad infection in January 2011 which was treated with lots of antibiotics.  I was using Rhinocort and other steroid sprays.  Dr Lowe suggested I used the Neli-Med Sinus Rinse.  This really helped and I would recommend it to everyone - good for post-nasal-drip too!

The combination of the sprays and the sinus rinse did help.  But the steroid sprays gave me vertigo - and since I work on a ship, this caused seasickness!

Hence I returned to Dr Lowe - and he suggested Balloon Sinuplasty, and I decided to try it. I am very glad I did.

Dr Lowe was very good at explaining everything to me and gave me lots of confidence prior to the operation.  I was treated at the Nuffield Tees hospital and the whole experience was first-rate in my opinion.

Dr Lowe used the balloon to open the 'Ostia' leading into my sinuses, doing this on the 2 forehead frontal sinuses, and the cheek sinuses, and also opening the ethimoid sinuses in the back.  So there was no cutting etc.  Then he flushed-out my sinuses to clear
them from the inside. He did not use any 'packing' inside my nose after the operation which was good.

I had an evening operation, so they kept me in overnight.  I had some pain in my sinuses the following day, but nothing toworry about..  the nurses offered some painkillers to help.
Depending on what sort of job you do - It would be possible to work ata computer 2 days after the operation..

Under the instruction from Dr Lowe I've been using 'steri-mar' which is basically a purified sea water spray for my nose.  And the'neli-med sinus rinse'.  These have been working fine.

A very positive result for me and I hope it lasts.  I can now taste and smell everything!! I can breathe really easily through both nostrils all the time. Hence I have been sleeping far better than before. I have no more pressure behind the eyes, and I have not had a migraine since the operation which is looking very good!
I've stopped taking painkillers, and just starting to realise how many painkillers I was taking prior to the operation!

I would say that since the risks are very low, then there is nothing to lose. This operation could help so many people who may not realise how bad things are, because the symptoms develop so slowly, and they tend to just live with it!

Mr B. (France)