Balloon sinuplasty

Balloon sinuplasty



Balloon sinuplasty and balloon sinus dilation offer a novel approach to the surgical management of sinus disease such as chronic rhinosinusitis (CRS) where the drainage pathways from the nasal sinuses into the nose are 'stretched' by inflating carefully positioned high pressure balloons. This technique may be incorporated into endoscopic sinus surgery and offers a low risk alternative to traditional surgery with less chance of recurrent problems due to scarring in the sinuses and their openings.

Balloon sinuplasty can also aid in removal of polyps in chronic rhinosinusitis and is particularly good at flushing out blocked and inflamed sinuses.
It is also a very useful treatment with sinus barotrauma (problems with sinuses on flying or diving).

I have completed advanced training in these techniques in the UK and USA and have completed among the largest number of balloon sinuplasty procedures in both NHS and private practice in UK, including patients who have travelled from Scotland, Ireland and France.

I have performed balloon sinuplasty under local anaesthesia on a number of occasions.

I have trained surgeons internationally on Balloon Sinuplasty and related techniques.