I have an active interest in medicolegal issues and regularly complete expert witness / medical expert reports for industrial hearing loss.

I have also completed specialist reports following road traffic accident claims for various injuries and specialist rhinology claims.

I have been involved in a number of specialist claims for atypical industrial and occupational noise exposure.

I have acted for the claimant in specialist rhinological clinical negligence claims and completed screening reports and also reports for the courts on liability and causation.

I work closely with two experienced and highly qualified audiologists for audiological testing in noise exposure claims.

Example of typical fees (vary according to hospital venue and audiological requirements)

Noise induced hearing loss- successful report £475 approximately

(inclusive of puretone audiometry in fully soundproofed booth)

Other medicolegal cases - fees by separate arrangement. Preparation of reports/research/court attendance charged at £175 per hour as a guide.

Please email me at dl@nasalsurgeon.co.uk if you require a copy of my medicolegal CV